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P.S. -We don't serve plate lunch w/mac salad or any other typical fast food cliche misassociated with the local grinds found growing up in Hawaii.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lilikoi reviewed on Portland Restaurant Review

Check out this review from the folks at the great blog Portland Restaurant Review. The reviewer captures the no nonsense no frills vibe of Lilikoi perfectly where it really is all about good comfort food for a reasonable price.
Let’s talk about the food — specifically, the Kalua Pork Signature Style Sandwich ($5). Hear me when I tell you that after seeing and then eating this masterpiece, you’ll try to pay twice as much as they are asking for it. We’re talking about savory, moist, rich shredded and high quality pork that is long on flavor, my friends, topped with equally moist and delicious, slightly sweet Asian-style coleslaw. All of this comes on an open-faced Hawaiian style bun bread that looks more like focaccia in its size and shape. The extra bit of sweetness added to the whole affair by the bread alone is a ridiculously amazing treat — and the overall portion is more than enough food for two to share, if you are moderately hungry. The problem with that, of course, is the problem with all spectacular dishes — you’ll smell it, see it, and start tasting it, and you’ll gobble it up so fast that you won’t have satisfied your hunger yet.
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