Family Food Cart serving our original homemade food, cooked to order. Supporting our family by feeding the community, we are all about the food, not about impressing hipsters or yelpsters. FOOD FIRST, we're here to feed you not fool you.

P.S. -We don't serve plate lunch w/mac salad or any other typical fast food cliche misassociated with the local grinds found growing up in Hawaii.

Monday, March 14, 2011

An article on us from the Asian Reporter

Check out this in depth article from the Asian Reporter telling the story of Lilikoi from the beginning:
Take my Minimum Daily Required Allowance (MDRA) of Hawai’i soul food. How do I deal with it? — Easy. I top my tank at Lilikoi café.
A quick walk west of Asian Reporter offices, about the same march from the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon, and from everyone’s Center for Intercultural Organizing, you can fill up on Kailua local boy Dekin Hom’s family favorites. Lunch time, dinner time, anytime six days a week. "Hawai’i comfort food," he calls it.
Every time we walk onto Dekin’s Killingsworth café’s lanai, under his billowing Oregon tarp, there he is, grilling and wok-king. His wife Veth smacks my back and asks us to sit. He says she’s the brains of their operation.